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Celebration Services

Celebrate the life you live with epic events!

Adult Celebrations

When its time to celebrate that milestone in your life, let us help plan your next event with a style that's all your own.Whether your looking to celebrate a birthday, graduation, to a Holiday party at the office, Lets us bring in the glitz and glam to your next event with theme designs, classy centerpieces, balloon designs or even custom made decor pieces. We can help plan from start to finish.

Estimated Guest up to 50


Teen Parties

Celebrating your teen with a party is a cool way of saying I love you. When looking for that perfect theme for your teen, let us help with some inspiration without breaking the bank. Bringing in some fun elements like an interactive photo or a money wind tunnel booth. Who doesn't love theme parties, it express to the true you. Need some help providing a fun and artistic atmosphere for your next teen party, look no further.

Estimated Guest up to 50


Lets us design your next epic celebration, while you relax and enjoy the evening with 

family and friends, basking in the celebratory moment, making lasting memories 

  • Guest of Honor Table
  • Tables Centerpieces (flowers, candles)
  • Specialty Cake Table Display
  • Dessert Table Decor
  • Themed Treat table
  • Customized Favor Table
  • Room Pipe and drape 
  • Head table Pipe and Drape Design Styling
  • Organic Balloon Decor
  • Pillars or Columns
  • Balloon Columns with toppers
  • Specialty Seating or Table
  • Guest Charger Plate & Stationary Cards 
  • Custom Table Name Plates (Styrofoam)
  • Floor Wraps or Vinyl Banners
  • Floral or Grass Wall (Neon Signs+)
  • Marquee Letters or Numbers
  • Specialty Linen
  • Balloon Wall
  • Floating Balloon Ceiling
  • Bubble, Fog, Cold Sparkler Effects
  • Room Lighting
  • Grand Entrance
  • Carpet Runner and Stanchions 
  • Customized Favors
  • Champagne Wall
  • Selfie Photo Booth ( Fabric, Step & Repeat, or Shimmer Wall)
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